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HAppy tails of

rescued pugs


"Sophie was rescued from a home with 2 other dogs and an aggressive owner. The second I laid eyes on her, I knew she was mine. Sophie was instantly family and thrived immediately with her pug sister, Poppy."


"In May 2017, I lost my first and only pug, Roxie. She was my everything. Seven months later there was still a huge void in my life. I wanted another pug,  but with two young kids I figured I would wait until “the time is right”. Lo and behold, one night in November I received an email from the Del Val Pug Rescue about a large number of pugs coming in. A few days later, pictures of the pugs started popping up…..and there was Pollyanna. She had my heart from the moment I first saw her. In early December, she came to our home, her forever home.  I instantly bonded with her and she took to my husband as well. The first few days we walked on eggshells. She was timid, and scared. She clung to my side. I was most worried about her interaction with our German Shepherd.  They get along so well, and after a few days of adjusting, I found them laying together one day.  Fast forward a few weeks and she runs around like she owns the place. And she does. She has put on some weight. She wags her curly little tail. She is beyond excited when I come home. She zips around our house like a maniac.  She loves to eat of course but most of all, she loves to be loved. My favorite thing to do with her is lay on the couch so she can lay with me and hug me. Yes, she hugs me.  She is grateful for me, but I am more grateful for her."


"I adopted my beloved black Granny Pug Maybadine (formerly named Ginseng) thru Delaware Valley Pug Rescue when she was 9. She was a blessing each and every day. She came into our lives loving us, fully trained, and was acting referee for her 2 younger blonde pug sisters. I am a huge proponent for adopting a senior pug. I knew my time with her would not be as long, so I had extra lover for her every day until she left us. Delaware Valley Pug Rescue was great, and I will always be thankful for having the time I did with my beloved Maybadine."


"Scooby came to us after his family’s home burnt down and couldn’t taken him with them to temporary housing. As was with Sophie, we knew immediately that he was ours. We kinda like to think that Sophie sent him to us because she knew that we were so sad without her. He has adapted so well to our family and is enjoying time with his foster sister Ivy, and his older pug sister Poppy. We just adore him"


"10 years ago this little guy came to live with us. We were supposed to foster with intention to adopt but we knew the day we met him he was staying. I never thought I'd enjoy the constant companion that he became as much as I do. He's been a great big brother and has helped with fosters along the way. (Even having a crush on one). Thank you DVPR (and Sallie) for matching us up with the best little buddy and changing our lives forever!"


"My wife Michelle and I adopted [Flash, now Sizzle]. Delaware Valley Pug Rescue reached out to me to inform me that they had a bunch of Pugs come in and that I should apply. We had been looking for a male puppy to adopt for about a year, and when I saw his photo I fell in love. After we brought him home he instantly became friends with our other two dogs. They're inseparable; his new older sister Elphie and him play for hours then nap together. We love him so much, he’s such a cuddler. I’d like to thank the Rescue for allowing us to add him to our family, he fits in perfectly."


"Gus here! If you don’t know me, I’m an 8-year-old black pug. I went on an adventure with my Guardian. ➡️ Yeah, that’s me and some sheep. No leash, no holding back, I ran like a Greyhound…a very small, short legged Greyhound. I eat lamb sometimes, but just chasing these sheep was SO much FUN! I didn’t want to eat them. 
After the sheep chasing was over, all these people came up to me and started petting me and telling me how amazing I am. I’m just a pug, though. Still, I sometimes herd sheep and that’s when I turn into a Greyhound and a Border Collie, (only not as smart, Guardian says). That’s OK, ‘cuz it was JUST SO MUCH FUN!"



"My husband and I were not actively looking to add a third pug to our family just yet, but we knew in a few years that that was our goal. When Tom & Roberta reached out looking for fosters for a little of 7-week old pups, we absolutely could not resist. We brought Darcy home as a foster to test the waters with our other two pugs. They all instantly bonded so closely, and she immediately fit into our family like she was always here. We adopted her shortly after she came into our homes. We absolutely love this little girl with all our hearts, & we could not be more grateful to DVPR for making our family whole!"

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