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what we accept

The Delaware Valley Pug Rescue is always in need of donations, both monetary and supplies. The pugs that we rescue often come to us without collars, harnesses, or leashes, all of which we greatly appreciate from our donors. We also accept toys, beds, crates, treats, food – anything you can think of to that a pug may need. 

where donations go

All donations of supplies go to our rescue pugs and their foster families to help make them as comfortable as possible during their transition period. All monetary donations are used to cover veterinary bills for our rescues. Any illnesses or injuries that a rescue pug is brought to us with is covered by our rescue –your donation could help save the life of a pug. In addition, we spay and neuter all of our rescues before going to their forever homes. We are a non-profit organization always in need of support. Every donation makes an impact.

send a donation

Checks made out to Delaware Valley Pug Rescue as well as any supply donations may be mailed to  PO Box 861 Avondale, PA 19311. You may also use the button below to make a one-time monetary donation or set up a recurring donation.

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